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“Where You Came From” EP is out now.

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Where You Came From EP

by Stepsons

Recorded at The Smoakstack in Nashville, Tennessee.

Andrew Capra - Vocals, Guitar, Piano

Joshua Gleave - Bass, Accordion

Paul Moak - Guitar, Vocals

Charlie Lowell - Piano, Organ, Keys

Nathan Sexton - Drums, Percussion


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Stepsons is a rock and roll band.


Stepsons is the project of Nashville-based songwriter and producer Andrew Capra. Born from the incessant jangle and strums of heartland rock, the songs read like notes scribbled from time spent in airport terminals and roadside diners.

Tracked live in Nashville at The Smoakstack, co-producers Paul Moak and Joshua Gleave played guitar and bass to tape, respectively, along with keyboardist Charlie Lowell and drummer Nathan Sexton rounding out the recording team.

The result is “Where You Came From” EP, a widescreen collection of songs that take stock of the bittersweet road traveled and still ahead. The first single “L.A. Morning” reflects on Capra’s time spent in the sprawling city but rarely making it to the ocean. From there to closing track “Year of the River” you are along for the ride, boxes packed, on a trip across the United States to start over again.



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